Xact Nutrition Brix Maple Syrup 80g
Xact Nutrition Brix Maple Syrup 80g

Brix Maple Syrup 80g


Brix Maple Syrup 80g

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BRIX is hand crafted to make a unique and delicious alternative to a gel. Fresh from the slopes of Mont Yamaska in the heart of Québec, BRIX is double boiled, concentrating it more than regular maple syrup to somewhere between taffy and maple syrup. BRIX contains 220 Calories per 80g sachet. Yum.

  • Hand-crafted using all-natural, 100% Canadian maple syrup on the slopes of Mount-Yamaska
  • Use BRIX during effort or as a quick carb top-up immediately pre-effort
  • 220 Calories per sachet (80g)
  • No fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are used at the BRIX sugar shack.
  • Resealable pop-top means you can
  • Easily and quickly absorbed and ultra digestible
  • Doesn’t freeze in extreme cold-weather. Keep those mitts on when you refuel naturally!


Canadian maple syrup. That’s all

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