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  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)
  • Harness Lead Harness Lead (S/M)

Harness Lead (S/M)

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Harness Lead sz. S/M

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A dog harness that is escape resistant.  Highly recommended if you are picking up a newly adopted dog as it's easy to put on and has no buckles to adjust for a secure fit. 


So why are we selling a non running product at Distance Runwear?  Well we all love dogs here, and Dave & Meghan foster dogs.  After having more than one rescue foster dog escape it's harness we found the Harness Lead and decided to sell it and fundraise for PVCA Rescue (a Canadian reg. charity that supports the work of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta).  We will donate $18 from the sale of each S/M Harness Lead.  As of Dec. 2022 $2546 has been donated.


So about the Harness Lead:

Harness Lead is a leash and harness in one that is escape resistant. It is made of double braided polyester and has a strength of 3,000 lbs. Hand crafted in U.S.A.

Molds around any body type or figure. Fits dogs, cats, pigs, goats.
S/M best for 14 to 40 lbs
​M/L best for 40-170 lbs

TIP: Once you properly fit Harness Lead to dog and you begin the walk, you will notice the rubber disc will rise in air. This is correct. The RUBBER DISC is there to prevent over loosening. Rubber disc acts as a "floater". Allow the RUBBER DISC to RISE and FALL naturally. Do not continue to push rubber disc down as you walk, this will keep leash tight on dog.


Harness Lead is designed to be used as a GENTLE walking tool by utilizing a dog's OWN pressure against the leash to encourage and remind him to slow down his pace.
Harness Lead works best in a gentle manner along with positive encouragement and praise from the handler. Relax the leash and let the dog's pressure be the only pressure against the leash.

*Harness Lead is NOT to be used to tie dog out unattended, it is NOT CHEW PROOF. DO NOT LEAVE HL ON THE DOG UNATTENDED. Do not use to have dog tow weight. Harness Lead is not to be used in a negative manner where the dog is jerked, yanked or "corrected" or where dominance, intimidation and/or force is being applied. This advice is not specific to Harness Lead but with any dog walking product. If you choose to use these or other negative actions toward dogs we prefer you do not purchase or use this product.

Please note: Harness Lead is a WALKING TOOL and is not to be used for RUNNING with the dog. The reason is Harness Lead tightens as the dog pulls and the dog can control this by reducing his pull. If you are running with the dog in Harness Lead it will stay tight and the dog will not be able to control the tightening aspect of the leash. For running it is recommended to use a traditional, non-tightening harness.


Please visit the Harness Lead website for more information, photos, and videos.